Professional Development Workshops

Knowledge is the catalyst for empowerment.

We provide workshops and programs for individual teams, employee resource groups (ERGs), professional organizations, and affinity groups. We offer sessions online or in-person in the following formats: 

Workshops: 60-90 minute sessions for 10-30 participants

Online Learning Sessions: 30-60 minute lecture and discussion

Salon Sessions: Facilitated discussions with groups of up to 12

What You Gain

Clarity and insights that help you see challenges from a new perspective

Knowledge and tools that cultivate confidence

Excitement about building actionable plans to design your exceptional future

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Career Design

More than a workshop for career development, this session teaches participants why a career empowerment mindset is critical for success in today’s economy, along with design-based strategies for professional success within your organization.

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Culturally Responsive Coaching

For professional coaches, internal coaches, human resources leaders, managers to understand the four dimensions of culturally responsive coaching, along with frameworks, techniques, and resources to enhance your coaching practice. 

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Organizational Identity

We are all familiar with the concept of mission, vision, and values, yet are you familiar with organizational identity? Join an interactive session to learn more about organizational identity, why it is essential for organizations to thrive in an uncertain future, and what elements are fundamental to organizational identity.

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Arrival Fallacy

When attaining a goal is immediately followed by a feeling of emptiness and pressure to embark on another one, you may have fallen into a cycle driven by the arrival fallacy. This session covers what arrival fallacy is, what causes it, and six strategies for addressing arrival fallacy. 

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10 Questions to Transformation

Download our guide to build your awareness about what is important to you and insights into your next steps.

Discover Your Identity!

Download our workbook to gain insight into the aspects of your identity that make you unique.

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Download our workbook to gain clarity and perspective about your job and the next steps in your career.

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