Organizational Solutions

Nurture employee success & engagement.

Build an inclusive, purpose-driven culture where the world’s best talent can thrive.

For many organizations, what worked well in the past may not work well in an uncertain and ambiguous environment. Programs may have plateaued in some way, or your stakeholders have shifted. 

At Exceptional Futures, we work with organizations to drive systemic change. Our clients come to us from social enterprises, philanthropy, higher education, non-profits, NGOs, scientific research institutes, think tanks, and political campaigns. We encourage you to reach out to learn more.

Developing Solutions for Positive Change

Executive Coaching & Advising

Imagine all the impact that doesn’t happen without the right people and processes in place. In systems where “easy” decisions are rare, leaders often react rather than respond to tough situations. Through executive coaching, we help global leaders solve systemic challenges by providing space for them to take a holistic and objective view of their programs, processes and people. Together, we find points of clarity and opportunities for innovation. 

Our executive coaching services typically focus on the following:

Executive Leadership Development:
Many leaders struggle in their roles because they lean in to the same skills, knowledge, and identities that served them in the past, even though they may not be applicable to current challenges. We guide you through a process to discover your strengths and areas for growth as a leader, and design successful strategies so that you can confidently inspire your organization.

Executive Career Visioning and Strategy: 
There are many points in a career where you might benefit from professional development coaching. We partner with you to reflect on your career to date and to spot forward-thinking opportunities to positively impact your leadership, life, and legacy. 
Cultural Intelligence & Cross-Cultural Coaching:
An organization’s culture and identity is an amalgamation of the diverse people and perspectives that comprise it. The most impactful global leaders leverage culture throughout their organizations. Our work together empowers you to be culturally responsive and to create an environment where all employees feel valued. 

Program Architecture & Design for Professional Development Courses

Do your programs reflect the knowledge, skills, and messages that your employees need to be successful? We can be your program architect for learning and development, career development, and global leadership programs.

We design professional development courses on the following topics: 

  • Intercultural/global leadership
  • Career development
  • Professional storytelling
  • Exceptional communications
  • Culturally sustainable coaching
  • Cultural identity

Organizational Innovation

An organization’s strength comes from the environment it creates. We work with you to gain a better understanding of your organization’s existing programs and identity. This allows us to spot opportunities and envision what’s possible, so we can help you create programs that are truly exceptional. This work typically involves the following:

A Survey of Your Culturally Diverse Teams
Gain an appreciation of their values, norms, and shared agreements, so we can build awareness and increase engagement.

Qualitative Assessments
We examine your internal & external ecosystems to illuminate any gaps between your desired organization and your existing day-to-day norms and actions.

Coaching and Training for Leaders and Key Stakeholders
Clarify the value and importance of their unique contributions to the organizational purpose and best practices for leading in a culture of change.

Transformation Action Plan Development
A step-by-step roadmap for how you will invest in and cultivate your desired purpose and the programs that support it

What People Are Saying

Organizational Consulting to Fuel Your Success

 At Exceptional Futures, we collaborate with you to select and develop the most appropriate solution for your environment. Our mission is to ensure that your employees feel seen, heard, and valued and to help you modernize the critical programs and services they depend on. This leads to greater engagement, higher performance, and a deeper level of job satisfaction among your talented workforce so they can support your continued success.

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