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Identity as a Catalyst for Change

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Guiding Principles

At Exceptional Futures, we help people design sustainable strategies for transformation that align with their values, cultural identities, and dreams. Understanding the power of societal dynamics and tapping into one’s unique voice can become a competitive advantage in today’s world.

We believe . . . .

You can define an exceptional future that aligns with your identity and core values.

Your unique perspective is essential for making the monumental positive changes the world needs. 

Reinvention and transformation don’t happen in isolation. We are your partners through change.

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Awareness, Alignment, & Action

The methodology behind our work focuses on the dynamic interplay between awareness, alignment, and action. Using a design-based approach, the focus is less on using these areas as steps in a process, but as co-equal catalysts to create forward momentum. When examining a question, we frame it as an opportunity to examine what you know, how this perspective aligns with the desired outcome, and what actions need to be taken to reach these goals.

The power behind this methodology is that it has the potential to introduce multiple dimensions in your problem solving. Instead of examining answers on a two-dimensional basis, we introduce all possibilities so that you may feel empowered to make an informed decision that is right for you.

Exceptional Futures | Coaching with Awareness, Alignment, and Action

About Our Founder

Victoria Shiroma Wilson, Ed.D., P.C.C.

Founder, Advisor, Author

I am honored to work with intelligent, multifaceted, multicultural people like you who want more from their personal or professional lives. By examining your situation holistically, I help you shift your perspective, analyze the possibilities, and unlock your unique superpowers to reach your goals. 

Through our work, we explore how you show up in specific situations, how your identity aligns with your authentic self, and what it would mean to rid yourself of the constraints of compartmentalization. This transformative process fosters personal growth and enhances overall well-being, instilling a profound sense of optimism and potential.

As a certified executive coach, I perform this work with individuals and collaborate with socially responsible organizations, helping leaders find innovative solutions through a systems-based leadership approach. 

I thirst for knowledge and self-improvement. I have complemented my 15 years of experience and thousands of coaching hours with continuous education and training. Learn more about my credentials on LinkedIn.  

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