Transformational Coaching

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Reaching a crossroads or plateau often means you are ready for a change but need more information to make decisions and regain momentum. Transformational coaching is a powerful tool that provides that opportunity. It gives you the space to take a holistic view of what is important and to design an exceptional future that is meaningful to you

Through our work, you will gain a better understanding of how your environment and experiences shaped who you are today. Then, we use what we learn to examine your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about what is possible so we can spot and address roadblocks and make actionable decisions about your future.

What is unique about designing your exceptional future?

We offer transformational coaching to individuals exploring personal concerns and purpose-driven leaders navigating complex team, system, or career-related questions. Together, we find answers to questions such as the following. 

  • How can I work through a quarter life or midlife crisis? 
  • How can I recover and reinvent myself after a terrible job? 
  • What is my identity when my professional interests have changed?
  • How can I help my team or family through a difficult transition? 
  • Should I quit the job my parents brag about? 
  • How can I bring more of my cultural identity into my leadership? 
  • What legacy am I going to create in my life? 
  • Do I need to go to graduate school to be successful? 
Exceptional Futures | Design Your Future

The Process

Our work together is a partnership.

During your coaching sessions, we examine the daunting questions around your life. Then, by developing awareness and actionable goals, we design your exceptional future. Through guided activities and coaching, we focus on the following:



Identify what’s truly important to you as you set the direction for the rest of your life.



Understand your unique cultural system and how to operate harmoniously with it to achieve transformation.



Outline all potential scenarios for success.



Use design-based strategies to explore all your possibilities.



Make decisions and put plans in place to build resilience for the long run.

Transformational coaching focuses on the dynamic interplay between awareness, alignment, and action.​

Using a design-based approach, the focus is less on using these areas as steps in a process, but as co-equal catalysts to create forward momentum in your life. When examining a question, we frame it as an opportunity to explore what you know. We also explore how this perspective aligns with what you want in life and the actions you need to take to reach your goals. 

The power behind this type of coaching is that it has the potential to introduce multiple dimensions in your problem-solving. Instead of examining answers from a limited perspective, we open up all possibilities so you feel empowered to make an informed decision that is right for you.

Exceptional Futures | Coaching with Awareness, Alignment, and Action
What You Gain

Clarity about what is truly important

Optimism for the future you've designed for yourself

Excitement about the action plans you will undertake

Freedom to unlock what's possible for you

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