From Surviving to Thriving During the Holiday Season


The holidays are a wonderful time for families, friends, and colleagues to celebrate and look back on the close of another year. For many, the holidays also bring about immense stress due to cultural expectations, people-pleasing, interpersonal dynamics, and simply rushing to do everything in a limited amount of time. 

In this video, I chat with Sylvia DeMott, MSW, author of Show Up for Yourself: Set Boundaries, Take Control, and Calm the Inner Storm, about some of the stressful situations that come up during the holiday season. We offer tips to navigate some of the stresses of: 

  • people pleasing
  • cultural expectations, obligations & traditions
  • control & perfection
  • preparing for parties 

Although we discuss the winter holidays, these situations can arise during any season. 

We hope that this video will help you go from surviving to thriving during the holiday season! 

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