Exceptional Guiding Principles

You have the potential to define and design an exceptional future that is in alignment with your core values.

Professional and personal reinvention will become an ever-increasing necessity as we become a part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Reinvention and transformation don’t happen in isolation. We employ a systems approach to transformation, which fundamentally begins with greater awareness of our unique contribution to the world.

I believe that cultural intersectionality leads to originality, and the unique lens in which we view the world has been muted. We have the potential to create a powerful new perspective in the world, which can create a monumental shift in how society operates.

Exceptional Futures | Victoria Wilson
Exceptional Futures | Victoria Wilson
Victoria Shiroma Wilson, M.A., P.C.C.

Visionary, Change Catalyst, Purveyor of Hope

I have the privilege of working with intelligent, multifaceted, multicultural professionals who want more from life. Through a holistic examination to identify what’s possible, I help you to shift your perspective, discover your purpose, and unlock your superpowers to reach your goals.

I am equally excited to work with professionals who are navigating their cultural identity within the world of work. Through our work together, we examine how we show up in our professional lives, how your professional identity aligns against your authentic self, and what it would mean to rid ourselves of the constraints of compartmentalization.

Exceptional Futures | Design Your Future

Awareness, Alignment, & Action

The methodology behind my work focuses on the dynamic interplay between awareness, alignment, and action. Using a design-based approach, the focus is less on using these areas as steps in a process, but as co-equal catalysts to create forward momentum. When examining a question, we frame it as an opportunity to examine what you know, how this perspective aligns with the desired outcome, and what actions need to be taken to reach these goals.

The power behind this methodology is that it has the potential to introduce multiple dimensions in your problem solving. Instead of examining answers on a two-dimensional basis, we introduce all possibilities for you to examine so that you may feel empowered to make an informed decision that is right for you.

Exceptional Futures | Coaching with Awareness, Alignment, and Action
Exceptional Futures | Victoria Wilson

Cultural Identity as a Catalyst

I believe that for many of us who have had the experience of being in the cultural or societal periphery, it’s challenging when we’re asked, “what do you want?” The mental calculations and “hidden” obstacles that we have to overcome both internally and the pressure from society to conform to a narrow view of success makes it challenging to answer those questions. Growing up biracial within two very distinct cultures added another dimension to my understanding of societal dynamics and how difficult it can be to find one’s voice.

My intersectional lens also helped me to understand that transformation doesn’t happen in isolation. As a result, I want to create an opportunity for my clients to “find their people”, i.e, people who believe in them and understand their hopes and dreams, and to find power in the unique perspectives they have to offer the world.

A Thirst for Knowledge and Self-Improvement

The path to my exceptional future began with an epiphany and a manifesto. After years of managing global operations and strategic partnerships in tech, I had an epiphany. I realized that I found meaning in working directly with people. Over the next few months, I wrote down my manifesto, where I detailed my vision for helping others identify and design a professional life that was in alignment with their values, identity and dreams.

Now, after thousands of coaching hours and clients, I built a depth of expertise in understanding the steps to empowerment, the forces that hold you back and the importance of actionable, tangible strategies to help you reach your goals.

Education compliments my experience. I am a lifelong learner and continue to invest in my education.

  • EdD, Global Leadership & Innovation, University of Southern California
  • MA, Counseling Psychology, Emphasis in Career Development, Santa Clara University
  • MA, Asian Studies, University of Pennsylvania
  • BA, International Relations, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • PCC: Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
  • Co-Active Coach Training Program, The Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
Exceptional Futures | Victoria Wilson