NPD Episode 11

The Creator Community

How does your identity play a role in your daily decisions? Watch Victoria’s interview with John Saunders on YouTube.

Image of the Immigrants in Corporate podcast.

Immigrants in Corporate

Gain resources and tips for navigating corporate America as an immigrant and using your background to support your success.

Image of The Thoughtful Leader podcast.

The Thoughtful Leader

Discover how culture and identity can impact your ability to take a long-term, strategic approach to leadership and change.

Image of The Modern Manager podcast.

The Modern Manager

Victoria explores how identity affects you as a leader, shapes your interactions, and affects decision making at work in this podcast.

Icon and interview title from Coffee House Coaching podcast.

Coffee House Coaching

Learn about Victoria’s Salt Lake City bookstore epiphany and get her tips on coaching in this podcast with Gary Nowak.

Wish I Knew Podcast Interview

Wish I Knew Podcast

Growing up in Japan and trying to sell Girl Scout calendars NOT cookies was a hard sell. Hear Victoria’s interview with Gary Nowak.