Five Years Into an Exceptional Future

Five Years Into an Exceptional Future

There is something to be said about designing a professional life that is in alignment with one’s core values. Achieving professional fulfillment and alignment bends time in a way that five years passes in the blink of an eye. Looking back, I realize that the following core beliefs contribute to the success of Exceptional Futures:

The importance of your cultural story. I have the privilege of working with intelligent, multifaceted, multicultural professionals who want more from the world of work. What I’ve learned over the years is that everyone has a cultural story and perspective that informs how they function within that world. Culture is like an ocean current: You may not be able to see it, but it shapes entire topographies and ecosystems. It has been awe-inspiring to help clients uncover the beliefs that may have been limiting their professional development, or help them discover how their unique perspective may a hidden superpower that creates a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

The importance of inclusive leadership. Through my work with leaders, I’ve come to understand that an organization that invests in and promotes culturally inclusive leadership is essential for building a competitive organization in the global knowledge economy. I’m grateful for all the leaders who continue to lead their organizations with courage and awareness to help their employees cultivate the gifts they have to offer their teams, their organizations, and the greater world around them. 

The importance of community. Forming trusted partnerships with participants, HR leaders and brilliant colleagues while having the good fortune of friends and family who believe in me have been instrumental to the growth and success of Exceptional Futures. I continue to be humbled and inspired by all the amazing people that I have been fortunate enough to meet, and I’m excited for all those who I will be lucky enough to meet in the future. 

I feel as though we’re just getting started! I look forward to the next five years of this exceptional future. Keep following these posts to start designing your own exceptional future. You’re well worth it.

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