The Slingshot Quest

Unlock your potential and design your destiny by harnessing the power of your identity.

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The Slingshot Quest Book

What if I told you that you can pursue your dreams by harnessing the power of your identity?

Many believe our identity is fixed by the time we enter adulthood, but that simply isn’t true. Instead, our identity continues to change and evolve as we take in messages from the world around us. These messages can be a complex mix of everything from “you are amazing, attractive, and unique” to “life is unfair, and the system is stacked against you.” The process is largely unconscious, yet it is a powerful force that impacts how we interact with others and make decisions.

I have studied sociocultural motivators for over 20 years, applying them to my work with clients and organizations seeking positive change. However, I believe others could benefit from these lessons. In my book, The Slingshot Quest: Discover Your Identity to Design Your Destiny, you can learn about your identity and do this work yourself, with tips, strategies, and exercises to guide your journey. 

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About the Author

Victoria Shiroma Wilson, M.A., P.C.C.

I have the privilege of working with intelligent, multifaceted, multicultural professionals who want more from life. I work with clients to discover their purpose, develop a powerful vision, and design a strategy toward transformation. They value my perspective as someone who can help them see the big picture while empowering them to think boldly and holistically about their futures. We do this together by examining individual cultural and systemic influences as positive differentiators in a connected world.

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